How often should my companion be Groomed?

This will depend on things like how often you brush and maintain him at home, how long we leave the coat is a personal preference. For Companions with longer hair a 4-6week schedule is usually recommended. For smooth coated Companions they may go 8-12 weeks, depending on how much they are shedding.

How old should my companion be before he is groomed for the first time?

Most will say after they have received their final vaccinations. The earlier the better, especially for the breeds that will require a regular grooming schedule there whole lives. This will get them used to the sounds and the routine of grooming. If you have just adopted an older companion it is best to let them settle into your home for a week or so before heading off to the Spa.

Will you shave my dog?

We will ask many questions when you bring your Companion in for the first time. After going through your companion we will determine if we are able to do the style you would like. Remember Humanity before Vanity. We will not put your companion through unnecessary dematting.

Should my companion be groomed in the Winter?

Your companion should be groomed on a regular schedule, and that will include the Winter season. If you leave the hair too long it might mat and may cause problems for your companions skin. A matted coat stays wet and may cause skin irritation.

My Companion bit his last groomer and they said he was bad, will you still groom him?

Yes we will still make an attempt. Our experienced groomers have worked with many hard to handle Companions. They might require a little more time and we will not fuss at getting every hair, but he will be groomed and treated gently. We will only work with difficult clients that stick to a regular schedule and if the Guardian is willing to work with us to bring their companion along.

Can I leave my Companion all day?

In order to maintain a quiet and stress free environment we typically do not keep our clients all day. We generally call a half hour prior to their completion and have you pick up as your companion is finishing up. For regular clients that we know are quiet to wait extended stays can be arranged.

Should I pre-book my appointment

In order to ensure your companion is able to stay on his Grooming schedule we recommended Pre-Booking his next appointment. We will give you a reminder call the day before.

Can I cancel the day before my regular scheduled appointment?

We understand that things come up that are beyond our control. We allow for one last minute appointment cancellation. After that there is a 50% charge that must be paid before your next appointment.