Stress Free Dog Grooming


This is the first in a series of blog posts that will draw back the curtain into the what you can expect for your canine companion when you allow us to be your Professional Dog Groomer.

Let us take the stress out of Dog Grooming

I know how you feel, I have four dogs of my own, that are my world. I worry when they are not with me; they can’t speak for themselves. First time visits to a new Dog Grooming salon can be intimidating and stressful. You’re leaving your canine companion in the hands of someone you don’t know.

 One door opens

When I opened my own salon just over 6 years ago I wanted to focus on the values I believe in. I am committed to creating an environment that is a stress free Dog Grooming experience. This is what that looks like for me:

  • smaller number of clients per day
  • calmer salon experience for not only me but for your companion as well
    we have an assortment of aromatherapy sprays, calming neroli and Lavender , as well as a diffuser for the entire salon
  • we work together with you and your companion and develop a plan to make sure we can get your dog through his appointment comfortably
  • we are open and honest about how your companion did during the experience

I look forward to sharing more of what I value in my life and my business with you. If you think this vision is right for you and your dog I hope you give us a call. If you have a friend that you think would enjoy our experience I would love for you to share this with them as well.
Remember to let them know that the referral came from you so that we can give both of you 10% off your first visit.

Crazy for Nail trims


Not having your dogs nails done on a regular basis can lead to pain and discomfort. Some dogs will naturally wear their nails down, others do not.  Dogs that walk primarily on hard surfaces may keep their nails at a healthy length.  More often you will notice wear on  the back ones, but not the front.   If you have a small dog(dachshund) even though they walk on hard surface their light weight is not enough to allow nature to take care of it.

Nail trimming can be a difficult  process to master, especially if you are not all that comfortable with the idea to begin with. Engaging in a battle of will can cause problems in the long run for you and your companion. If you decide  to do your companions nails at home here are a few tips from the professionals.

  1. Have quick stop at the ready in case you quick a nail.  Lick the tip of your finger, dip it into the quick stop and then press to the bleeding nail.
  2. If the nail bleeds have your dog relax for a bit in a kennel that will help it clot and he should be good as new.
  3. Try to keep a regular schedule so your companion will accept the process.
  4. If your companion wiggles around  have  someone hold him still while you clip. Rubbing the ears or gently tapping the top of his head, with same pressure, as you would burp a baby will distract them. Too much movement can get your little dog into trouble, pulled muscle, dislocated knee for example. Be careful.
  5. If your companion is small-medium you can put them up on a table on a rubber mat, it will make them feel more secure.
  6. Larger dogs should also stand on a mat or up against the wall to keep them from sliding around.
  7. Some dogs have a dew claw, a small nail up on the wrist that does not touch the ground. Be sure to check if your companion has one. If left untouched it will continue to grow. A nail left untouched can curl into the pad and cause pain and infection.
  8. If you are nervous about the process your companion will sense this and be nervous as well.
  9. If your companion is very fussy and/or a puppy and you are a novice I suggest leave it to the professionals for the first year.
  10. A general rule is to cut just after where the nail starts to curve.  Or keep trimming until no longer touching the floor.How-to-cut-dog-nails3
  11. Ask you groomer to show you how to trim the nails.
  12. Purchase a good pair of nail trimmers that feel good in your hand. Of the trimmers below I prefer the small green ones for small dogs and the orange ones for larger dogs. But try them to see what feels good for you. nail1
  13. End on a good paw. You don’t have to do all four paws at once. You can spread it out over a few days. Just make sure you get them all.

Give these tips a try, if you are still uncomfortable, give me a call and I can help you through it.


7 Tips for Winterizing Your Dog



For those of us that live in locations that get bone chilling cold and waist deep snow it’s that time again. We all know it’s coming yet every year we procrastinate. We don’t put our snow tires on until after the first big dump. We just can’t remember where we put that box with all our hats and gloves so we scrape our windshield with bare hands and a cd case, because we can’t find the ice scraper either. With all this to contend with let me help you with some  tips to winterize your Canine Companion.

Follow these 7 tips to get your dog through the cold snowy winter:

1.  A winter coat might be the best thing going, when you factor in  your  dogs age, his natural coat type and how thick it is. Young dogs and seniors often have a hard time with cold. Smooth coated dogs like chihuahuas don’t have much hair to protect them. If you keep your companion in a short trim all year then a nice sweater might be just the trick to get him out on the trail this winter.
2.  Boots might look funny and they may make your dog walk funny, in the long run they may be worth it. Salt and snow can make it uncomfortable for your companion to enjoy his morning walk. There are so many different options now you should have no trouble finding something that works for both of you.
3.  Let’s face it many of us slow down in the winter months. It’s cold, it’s dark, it takes forever to get ready. If this is true for you and your companion you may not be getting the same amount of exercise you do in warmer months. Cutting back on treats or their daily ration is probably best as they are not burning up those extra calories. It will make it much easier to get back into swim suit shape come April, ok who am I kidding May.
4.  If your companion won’t do boots then a salve like Paw protector might be your option to stress free walks when your neighbour uses salt , instead of a shovel, on his portion of the sidewalk. A Vaseline type salve that you can rub into your companions pads to keep the snow and salt out. I choose this option. With four dogs, three dachshunds and a german shepherd I find it the fastest way to get us out on the road in the morning.
5.  Indoor play groups might be the answer you are looking for. Some breed clubs will rent space to host indoor play time throughout the winter months. Doggie Daycare is another great choice to let you friend burn off some excess energy when it’s minus 30 with the windchill.
6.  Keep the ears in mind. If it’s too cold a hoodie might be needed to pull up around those long pendulous ears they can get frostbite just like us.
7.  Saving the most important one for last. Grooming. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you stop having your dog professionally groomed. The hair still grows and it will still get matted. A matted coat does not keep them warm. It’s itchy and irritating. It doesn’t allow the skin to breathe and can cause skin conditions. Speak with your groomer about options on how to make sure your companions coat is ready for the winter and avoid that horrifying shearing that happens when the sun comes out and the coat comes off.

Follow these 7 easy tips and enjoy a safe and fun winter with your  dog.



On Sunday, November 9th, 2014, our Mayor Nenshi “tweeted” to the social media sphere that we share our “snow dog” pics and add a little joy to a blustery day. I brought the images together on this page just for fun. Cheers!

Friday Thought


It might be all around us but often we don’t see it. As Humans we have perfected the art of hiding. We hide our bodies, our feelings our fears. Does it do us any good?

Hiding takes its toll on everyone. We don’t allow ourselves to open up and be totally comfortable and honest with ourselves or the people around us. We worry we will be judged or ridiculed or less respected. We push our feelings down, creating dis- ease in our bodies and minds. All of this fear accumulates over time causing us to forget that it doesn’t matter what others think. What matters is what we think. Our thoughts are so powerful; they create our life.

Think for a minute how many times in a day you speak negatively about yourself, whether it’s a spoken word to someone or a thought in your head. Those words take there toll and eventually you start to believe them. Don Miguel Ruiz wrote The Four Agreements(1997). The first one is to be impeccable with your word. Something he said about this agreement really resonated with me. “Whenever we hear an opinion from someone else and believe it, we make an agreement, and it becomes part of our belief system.” (Ruiz,Don Miguel, p. 39) More often than not these opinions come from within ourselves. Stop the negative cycle; refuse all negative opinions about yourself.

Habits are hard to break but it can be done. Speaking negatively about yourself is just as hard to overcome as smoking, over eating, or biting your nails. Start now to develop a system, a mantra or an affirmation. Whichever you feel will work best for you. Come up with a way to recognize when you’re speaking or thinking negatively about yourself. Start slowly so not to get discouraged. You might not catch all the negative words or thoughts but at least you’re trying. Before you know it all those negative words will be replaced with positive ones. Go easy on yourself it took a long time for this habit of negaivity to form. You may have heard it takes 21 days to create a new habit. Studies have shown that this may not be true, for some it can take anywhere from 50-264 days, it all depends on the habit. How will you know when it happens, easy you’ll feel better about yourself, others and situations around you.


People have lived through horrible situations solely by keeping positive thoughts. You can too.